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Restaurants in Sighisoara

First of all you should know that for 500 years during history, Sighisoara was located just 100 km away from the border between Europe and the Ottoman Empire, more than that, since 1200 in Transylvania there are four ethnic groups living together, Romanians, Saxons, Gypsies and Hungarians. Because of that Transylvania is a region with abundant history and multicultural convergence highly reflected in the local cuisine.

I dare to say that for the gourmands who can understand and differentiate the various influences, Transylvania in general and Sighisoara in particular, can be a  gastronomical heaven where east an vest of Europe but also north and south put together their best foods which melted over centuries in a so called “Transylvanian cuisine”.

We take great pride with the Goulash which originated from Transylvania even though very much associated with Hungary nowadays, locals will also recommend with pride Sarmale (minced meat, cooked in grape or cabbage leaves) a Romanian traditional dish, you will also either love or hate the Tripe Soup, a traditional Gipsy dish, and the list can carry on and on.

In term of drinks the queen of the ball is for sure “Palinca” a strong home brandy (50 to 60 alcohol degrees) distilled out of fruits such as plums, pears and apples. The local traditional wines are white and dry, such as Traminer, Riesling and Feteasca (sort of Pinot Gris, a Transylvanian variety.

Where to eat in Sighisoara

Since the town itself developed in the last decade particulary into a tourist attraction, culinary offer boomed also. Again, the reviews and ranking sites such as Tripadvisor will be your best advisor in what restaurant to choose according to your tastes and budget. But if you if you are a true gourmand and/or an experienced traveler than you should not miss a traditional Transylvanian lunch served with a local family from Sighisoara.


Our Top 3 Restaurant recommendations are:

  1. Gasthaus Alte Post
  2. Dracula Danes
  3. Casa Ferdinand