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Accommodation in Sighisoara


While planning your vacation in Sighisoara area inevitably you`ll find yourself asking Where shall I stay in Sighisoara? In the historical center or outside, in a Saxon village near by? In a cosy hotel, in a family run guesthouse? You shall know that in Sighisoara area there are over 150 accommodation options starting with campings and hostels and ending with 5* hotels. Let`s have a look at the categories and give some insides and recommendation of what and when to choose as your accommodation in Sighisoara area.

Where  to stay?

Well, basically you have 3 choices in terms of area, in the historical center (medieval citadel) outside the historical center but still in Sighisoara and in one of the Saxon surrounding villages.
What you will choose obviously will depend on your taste and budget but you should know that:

  • In the high tourist season May to November, Historical Center of Sighisoara tends to be crowded during the day by thousands of tourist and also several times a year there are Medieval and Folk Festivals organized in the public squares. During those Festivals (about you can find more about in our News & Events section) we do NOT recommend accommodation in the historical center and neither is a good time to visit the town.
  • Accommodation in Sighisoara but outside medieval citadel in most of the situations will turn out to be a smart decision, because you will be spared by a lot of crowd and noise while having the option to spend as much time within the citadel walls when you want.
  • If you are looking for realistic “travel back in time experience” than you should definitely should search for accommodation in one of the Saxon villages around Sighisoara centered on a timeless atmosphere, such as Malancrav, Richis and Viscri, all of them 30 minutes away.

Hotel, pension or guesthouse?

Transylvania is famous today because of its people, yes, not because of its castles and fortified churches and pristine forests. People of Transylvania with their devotion to maintaining the traditions of the past over the last 8 centuries created a fascinating, romantic and inspiring small universe. For that reason we recommend you to get in touch as much as possible with locals of Transylvania by accommodating in family run pensions or guest houses.

For more detailed recommendation, travel advice or any other questions fell free to contact Your Guide in Transylvania.